Geordi Emmanuel DaPet Henderson

Why Geordi?  you ask….well that name I chose Geordi La Forge from a character on Star Trek-  The Next Generation.  I am a total Star Trek nerd, what can I say?

My little Geordi, was born in a litter of eight siblings,


When we were seeing how many boys and girls were in the litter, we picked him up and have to admit his parts did look a little different, but we were sure he was a boy.   Cutest thing ever!

As the kittens got older and their eyes started to open, I noticed that my Geordi’s were not opening at all.  I thought, “He just needs more time'”  We waited and waited and once when one of my friends were over, I showed off my Geordi to him, and he was trying to open his delicate eyes.  I told him to stop that now!  and we learned that Geordi was born with out eyes.

Someone had the audacity to say to me, “that he should be put out of his misery”.  Unfortunately, while we were having this chit chat, Geordi, was bouncing around outside, and he fell into the pond.  That someone used that as an example of why he said what he did.  Before you know it, Geordi, swam like a fish, to the edge and pulled himself out and shook himself off an kept moving on.  In the mean time, one of his siblings with huge eyes and perfect sight jumped into the pond, and right behind my Geordi, he was swimming like an champ and pulled himself up and out of the pond.”  I looked at the someone and said, “Now why do you think Geordi, should be put down?”

As time went on I noticed that there was something different about Geordi’s back.  His spine was in a U shape, so his head and his bottom came at ya, at the same time.  Adorable huh?  But I did find out that he had a spinal and vertebral birth defect, so it made me even more protective of my little one.
I learned so much from my little kitten, so many life lessons, and felt so much love from this tiny fur ball.  He was the happiest, content, the most feisty kitten of  them all.  Since he did not know he was different, and I would never let anyone talk bad about him in my presence.  I would say, “He is right here, come on, he can hear you.”  He enjoyed his life, I would watch him sunbath and then a breeze would come up and he would lift his little head to feel it on his face.  So beautiful to watch.  He was in such a peaceful place, and he made sure he enjoyed every minute of it.  He could do everything his siblings could, including climbing the favorite cat tree.
I remember once when there was a lady that was in my drive way holding Geordi, and was really upset.  I came out and asked her why is she holding my Cat?  She said that she thought she hit him because she saw how he moves and his eyes were not there either.  Of course I put her at ease, AFTER I said,
 “OMG, he is now a U shape and you knocked his eyes out”.  
Then I put her at ease again.  
I was trying to leave California, but I told Geordi, I would be there when she delivers.  What,  do you say? Yes, Geordi is a girl, and we only found that out when the neighbor called and said that our disabled cat is on his porch yowling and being a Ho.  What??   What???

I knew Geordi, was going to deliver and I was there by her side, finding a safe place for her to deliver, holding her paw, and helped clean her kittens.  She was so tired, she was in labor for hours.  I stayed with her until it was all over.  I love this Cat.



 Introducing Geordi’s kittens….she is an excellent mother







Published by Tina Sun Henderson

I am a Writer, Artist and Human Rights Advocate. I also have a dream about this project. I wanted to hear the voices of my Sisters. Their Voices speaking truth to power, her stories and dreams, and nightmares that she needs/must express.  “A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else.” – Unknown

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