Women and Why: A Remix

I don’t like going on and on about my little irritants in life, but I believe this is an important one to address. Four years ago I worked for Victim services, I was in the criminal justice system side for six years….then I had to take a break.  I grew up and lived in Wyoming,Continue reading “Women and Why: A Remix”

Advocate -vs- Office Manager

Another thing that makes me go hmmmm… Imagine if you will a person who advocates for victims’ rights at the Police Department and a person who manages the Office for the local District Attorneys.  Like in all States, there was a great professional working relationship between the police station and the district attorney’s office…..LOL. TheContinue reading “Advocate -vs- Office Manager”

How shall I live?

I want to feel both the beauty and the pain of the age we are living in. I want to survive my life without becoming numb.I want to speak and comprehend words of wounding without having these words become the landscape where I dwell … ~ Terry Tempest Williams, When Women Were Birds

Sudden Death…..I Wish

Imagine if you will, if a Bullet hit a Heart today. At first She was excited, thinking it was the piercing of Cupids arrow finally contending its way to her heart, but she was so so wrong.Or for a second maybe finally….the sound of a phone that has a harsh ring to the ears, becauseContinue reading “Sudden Death…..I Wish”

Galileo: King of night vision and insight

Isn’t it odd, that much has not changed over time.  I do believe that mind set is still embraced in our lifetime.  Is it me or does anyone else out there also finds it ironic? I chose to believe that Galileo was the king of night vision and insight because  I needed to understand and learn one of many importantContinue reading “Galileo: King of night vision and insight”

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