Sudden Death…..I Wish

Imagine if you will, if a Bullet hit a Heart today.

At first She was excited, thinking it was the piercing of Cupids arrow finally contending its way to her heart, but she was so so wrong.

Or for a second maybe finally….the sound of a phone that has a harsh ring to the ears, because in the last two years She has been such a disappointment  for not being strong, so this person said she is praying to God to save her life.  

She did not go down softly , quickly or easy….she paid the price in tears and fears because she knows the balance in life, and nothing ever comes free.

Before the Bullet shattered  her heart completely, she whispers, “this really, really hurts……”

Written by Tina Sun Henderson

Published by Tina Sun Henderson

I am a Writer, Artist and Human Rights Advocate. I also have a dream about this project. I wanted to hear the voices of my Sisters. Their Voices speaking truth to power, her stories and dreams, and nightmares that she needs/must express.  “A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else.” – Unknown

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