Coming to Terms with My Religion II

I was speaking about how my mother married off my sister at 15 and left her in a third world Country…married and pregnant. My mother made sure my sister fate was sealed…even after my sister moved back home with her family…she struggled financially, physically and mentally and was under my mothers control.

My mother also dragged three of my brothers to the Philippines and to marry them off to nice Christian virgin girls.

My mother thought she was the chosen Prophet for the Philippines and would go there often to preach. They believed she was a generous holy woman…..little did they know.

My brothers all had alcohol and drug problems. They did not graduate from High School and could not hold down a job. These poor women they married had no idea they were going into the lions den.

My mother treated all of them horribly and thought they all were beneath her; this is the strange dichotomy of my mother, I believe she wanted brown girls to control and abuse…since she was White and Right…it is sad what they all had to go through…and my mother made sure their lives were holy hell at all times

Published by Tina Sun Henderson

I am a Writer, Artist and Human Rights Advocate. I also have a dream about this project. I wanted to hear the voices of my Sisters. Their Voices speaking truth to power, her stories and dreams, and nightmares that she needs/must express.  “A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else.” – Unknown

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