Coming to Terms with My Religion IV

The sex scandals alone in my hometown church was rampant….Secretary’s making out with the Pastor and doing things that was probably not pleasing unto God’s eyes.

I remember another Pastor who kept having affairs on his wife, but the church coffers were filled to the brim

Hypocrisy at its worst! Anyone with half a brain cell could see the blatant lies and their unchristian acts.

Why are Born Again Christians obsessed with sex?

They want to know who and what and where Everyone is doing in their bedroom so they can condemn them to Hell. My mother was militant about letting her kids know that girls are devious and destructive, and they deserved everything bad thing that comes to them….because they are so sinful and evil.

They are there to have many many children and be subservient to their husbands, even though she herself never considered my father on anything and made his life hell most of the time.

On the day of my fathers funeral…you would of thought it was her coming out party. She wore a shiny red dress and acted like she just won the lottery. I will never forgive her for her blatant disrespect to my father and all the memories of his life.

Published by Tina Sun Henderson

I am a Writer, Artist and Human Rights Advocate. I also have a dream about this project. I wanted to hear the voices of my Sisters. Their Voices speaking truth to power, her stories and dreams, and nightmares that she needs/must express.  “A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else.” – Unknown

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