Healing Tarot with Tina & Shelly

In Everything I Find Roses in Concrete

I have a question: Where do STRONG women go when they are hurt and need someone to hold some space for them, so they can heal and talk about the pain in her life, in her days, months and years of crisis and trauma?….I would like to create a space that we as friends, family pull from the best of ourselves and that comes from the power of being a Woman. Only Women truly understand the fragile balance she constantly must maintain…Because these women are Strong, Intelligent, and Resilient.

The way I view Tarot and how it has enriched my life; I believe in coincidences, karma, synchronicity and also believe some people are Intuitive.

I use Tarot to start a conversation and create a safe place for people to express how they really feel. In doing that it is so healing and freeing for a person.

It is Magical and Mystical.

Shelly gave me a read about my new Business
How the mystical world intervened in meeting my Husband

Questions and Concerns about Retirement
Healing Read for Shelly about losing a loved one

Strong Women interview with Hope about the Heart of a Woman

Tarot read for Nolean about her future
Tarot read for my Mother in Law

Strong Women and the Ties that Bind

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In Everything I Find Roses in Concrete

Strong Women and the Ties that Bind

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