Coming to Terms with My Religion II

My mother made sure my sister fate was sealed…even after my sister moved back home with her family…she struggled financially, physically and mentally and was under my mothers control.

Coming to Terms with My Religion I

I was raised in a very Rural Town called Rawlins, Wyoming. It is a close minded, willfully ignorant, racist as hell town. Since I was adopted as a child, I was a Korean girl among racists people in my School and Town. Growing up was hard in that situation, I was not accepted for who I was or what I looked like

Precious Cargo

“I would never trust just anyone with my precious cargo, baby” he whispered to me on the phone.  I got misty eyed, and for a moment felt safe. This once in a life time moment, that I can’t describe with just mere words, but I can say……..  …it looked like a pure white rose in bloom, thriving the beautiful state of  California nContinue reading “Precious Cargo”

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