She was Amazing and Who is She? That would be Me…. My Lovely

Womanity ~*I am Her, and She is Me… a Wild thing. She is teaching me, every day, what it means to be free, to be wild. What it looks like, sounds like, tastes like. She is showing me the difference between Wildness and recklessness, Wisdom and inconsideration. Wild things cannot be tethered, cannot be harnessedContinue reading “She was Amazing and Who is She? That would be Me…. My Lovely”

Women and Why: A Remix

I don’t like going on and on about my little irritants in life, but I believe this is an important one to address. Four years ago I worked for Victim services, I was in the criminal justice system side for six years….then I had to take a break.  I grew up and lived in Wyoming,Continue reading “Women and Why: A Remix”

Advocate -vs- Office Manager

Another thing that makes me go hmmmm… Imagine if you will a person who advocates for victims’ rights at the Police Department and a person who manages the Office for the local District Attorneys.  Like in all States, there was a great professional working relationship between the police station and the district attorney’s office…..LOL. TheContinue reading “Advocate -vs- Office Manager”

Galileo: King of night vision and insight

Isn’t it odd, that much has not changed over time.  I do believe that mind set is still embraced in our lifetime.  Is it me or does anyone else out there also finds it ironic? I chose to believe that Galileo was the king of night vision and insight because  I needed to understand and learn one of many importantContinue reading “Galileo: King of night vision and insight”

Sharp Double Edge Sword

“We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible. To have real conversations with people may seem like such a simple, obvious suggestion, but it involves courage and risk”  ― Thomas Moore I have meet a new friend,  we can call him Lyndsay, Earl, Justa, Matt, or just plain Boo.  OhContinue reading “Sharp Double Edge Sword”