Womanity ~*

There is no fight left in her, and that’s the best thing that ever happened for her. For far too long the futile battle of light and dark has left her exhausted.

She’s accepting both light and dark as the inherent gifts of the universe. She’s not in a dueling match with them.

Frank Andrew Henderson, his Son and Great Grandson

Frank Andrew Henderson-January 5th, 1935- June 29th, 2004 Frank Andrew Henderson- Jr April 8th 1960-July 4th, 1981 Frank John Saldana- February 19, 2014-February 19, 2014 Ten years ago we lost my father. He was the greatest man I have ever known. It seems I am just coming to terms with his death, because after heContinue reading “Frank Andrew Henderson, his Son and Great Grandson”