This Crazy Religion VIII

Most parents want the best for their children and want them to have more than they have and a better life. That was not the case with my mother…. My mother had a obsession with sex (for some reason most Christians do) she justified marrying off my Sister at 15 because she knew that myContinue reading “This Crazy Religion VIII”

This Crazy Religion VII

The Tribulation is upon us NOW….Christians will go through the Tribulation trib·u·la·tion noun My Mother used the Tribulation and Hell, Fire and Damnation to get what She wanted…she used it to manipulate and instill fear into People, so that they will Follow her and her teachings. I learned very quickly that Christian people were notContinue reading “This Crazy Religion VII”

Meet My Friend – Jeanne Horvath

Snowflake 7Acrylic paint, glass and metal beads on watercolor paper Antonito Fish TrioAcrylic Painting of Three Fish, inspired by mural on Antonito, Colorado, building by Jeanne Horvath, 2021 Jeanne Website

This Crazy Religion V

When I was growing up I was taught that anything related to the mystical world was evil and from the Devil. I was always confused by this because the Religion I grew up in believed in the craziest shit. When I was little my teeth were extremally crooked, my mother said we couldn’t afford braces,Continue reading “This Crazy Religion V”

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