Why Do People Write?

Hope Flansburg
I am an Author and Wellness Educator. My hearts joy is to equip people with calm building self-care tools to decrease stress and advocate for improved health and wellness. By helping them understand how their bodies are designed to work and sharing reachable, realistic, and functional strategies, anyone can advocate for their health and have vital energy throughout their day.

Coming to Terms with My Religion VIIII

There was a group of ladies I know that lived in Rawlins, WY and they were coming against everyone that was Pro-Choice. If a girl is called by the Lord to have a baby at any age…they are blessed and pleasing to the Lord.

Coming to Terms with My Religion VIII

Most parents want the best for their children and want them to have more than they have and a better life. That was not the case with my mother…. My mother had a obsession with sex (for some reason most Christians do) she justified marrying off my Sister at 15 because she knew that myContinue reading “Coming to Terms with My Religion VIII”

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