Today is the Day that Tina Lays Down her Sword

Now why would Tina want to lay down her Sword? Have you ever felt like your always fighting the whole world? and for safety and protection you always have to have a fighting stance with the Sword held high? I have been through this journey these last couple of years to find healing and toContinue reading “Today is the Day that Tina Lays Down her Sword”

What Would Jesus Do?

Do you all remember when this saying was everywhere, on wrist bands, shirts and signs. I have struggled with my Faith and lost much respect for certain religions, the ones I know about are extremely judgemental, want power and control, and teaches death and damnation in eternal fires of Hell. At one of the worstContinue reading “What Would Jesus Do?”

Is this Transcending, or the Beginning of Schizophrenia?

I actually ask myself that question a lot…a lot my friends.  Once, I even got brave enough to ask my Male Christian Counselor that I really did trust and respect, that very same question.  I think at first he thought I was kidding, then he look in my eyes and went.. Ohh.  Out came theContinue reading “Is this Transcending, or the Beginning of Schizophrenia?”

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