This Crazy Religion II

I was speaking about how my mother married off my sister at 15 and left her in a third world Country…married and pregnant. My mother made sure my sister fate was sealed…even after my sister moved back home with her family…she struggled financially, physically and mentally and was under my mother control. My mother alsoContinue reading “This Crazy Religion II”

This Crazy Religion… I

I was raised in a very Rural Town called Rawlins, Wyoming. It is a close minded, willfully ignorant, racist as hell town. Since I was adopted as a child, I was a Korean girl among racists people in my School and Town. Growing up was hard in that situation, I was not accepted for whoContinue reading “This Crazy Religion… I”

Today is the Day that Tina Lays Down her Sword

Now why would Tina want to lay down her Sword? Have you ever felt like your always fighting the whole world? and for safety and protection you always have to have a fighting stance with the Sword held high? I have been through this journey these last couple of years to find healing and toContinue reading “Today is the Day that Tina Lays Down her Sword”

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