Finding Passion and Purpose in This Life

In Everything….I Find Roses in Concrete

Finding Passion and Purpose in This Life

Strong Women and the Ties that Bind

Tina S. Henderson

Tina Sun Henderson

I am a Artist and Human Rights Advocate. I want all my Sister to find healing, and I know through Art and Voice and by unleashing the most sacred part of being a woman, we can create a pathway for ourselves to find peace and to be happy.  I truly believe to change the world, youContinue reading “Tina Sun Henderson”

“In Everything I Find Roses In Concrete”

Tina’s Blog

Lets create a Sisterhood that is safe…at all times…..every time.  I know ya all can feel me when a sister is crying by herself in her bedroom, because life is overwhelming her and she is responsible for so many people in her family, and it is a burden that she carries on her own, andContinue reading “Tina’s Blog”

This Crazy Religion VIII

Most parents want the best for their children and want them to have more than they have and a better life. That was not the case with my mother…. My mother had a obsession with sex (for some reason most Christians do) she justified marrying off my Sister at 15 because she knew that myContinue reading “This Crazy Religion VIII”


I was at a place reading the different items that hung on the wall.  There was one about a man who was suffering from exhaustion and depression.  He had an emotional breakdown, his illness took him to the streets, he was homeless, family and friends turned their back on him and blamed him for hisContinue reading “Thoughts”

Cute Animals

Meet the cutest Squirrels, Dogs and Cats. I love nature and animals, they help us heal. A lion pride is all females all the time. They catch the vast majority of the food, and they guard the territory from intruders—mostly other females that live nearby looking to expand their own territories. “Females are the core. The heartContinue reading “Cute Animals”

Featured Article

Featured Article

Featured Article


I know a girl; she was something, strong, independent, intelligent, kind, irritating, sarcastic, and overbearing and just basically a good person all around.She knew the time was coming and it was making her sad, sadder than she already was.  She was crying because her heart was breaking, and what is special about this ladies andContinue reading “Bloodletting”

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