Coming to Terms with My Religion VIII

Most parents want the best for their children and want them to have more than they have and a better life. That was not the case with my mother….

My mother had a obsession with sex (for some reason most Christians do) she justified marrying off my Sister at 15 because she knew that my sister was marrying a virgin and that is what matters (turned out that he was far from a virgin). So my mother married her off to a “Fine Christian Man” and left her alone in a third world Country, alone and pregnant. because according to her it was the “Will of God”.

My Grandmother told me that she was so disappointed in my mother when she got pregnant in High School and had to get married… mother further disappointed my grandparents by getting Divorced (she has been married 4 times). Since divorce is forbidden in our Religion, for some reason it was fine that she got married and divorced 2 times.

It was my mothers hypocrisy and hate that I could not understand, since she rewrote history for herself to make herself a righteous woman is completely fake.

My mother had favorites, huge favorites, for example at Christmas time every year she would buy her Favorite Son’s child everything, huge amount of presents….while the other grandkids had to watch him open….while she got the other grandkids something recycled from her house…old toys, old clothes ect.

She stated its her money and she can buy what she wants for who she want. I quit going to Christmas at my parents house and created traditions for me and my children on our own. My mother was very upset that some of the family would not gather for her sick side show anymore and she grew incessantly more vengeful and angry.

Published by Tina Sun Henderson

I am a Writer, Artist and Human Rights Advocate. I also have a dream about this project. I wanted to hear the voices of my Sisters. Their Voices speaking truth to power, her stories and dreams, and nightmares that she needs/must express.  “A strong woman stands up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everybody else.” – Unknown

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